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Sand's conference paper received IEEE-NEMS 2020 best paper award!


​Dr. Yi Zhang received the Outstanding Reviewer Award from Micromachine.


Dr. Yi Zhang received the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award from Nanyang Technological University Singapore.


Dr. Yi Zhang received the Innovation Award at the 8th IMCO conference in Shanghai, China


Dr. Yi Zhang received the Microengineering and Nanosystem Summit 2018 Young Scientist Award.

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A. Y. Lee, A.W. Zhou, J. An, C. K. Chua*, Y. Zhang*, Rapid and Reversible 4D-Printing by Contactless Stimulation, Virtual and Physical Prototyping, 2020, 15, 481-495


Y. Zhang*, Magnetic Digital Microfluidics for Point of Care Testing: Where Are We Now? Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2020, DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666200903115448

Y. Shi, H. Zhao, L.K. Chin, Y. Zhang, Optical Potential-Well Array for High-Selectivity, Massive Trapping and Sorting at Nanoscale, Nano Letters, 2020, 20, 7, 5193–5200


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