Move Beyond Conventional Medicine with Micro/Nanotechnology

Conventional Medicine
Medicine in Low-Resource Settings
Precision Medicine

Unconventional Microfluidics

Magnetic Digital Microfluidics

  • Fundamentals and applications of magnetic digital microfluidics

  • Surface chemical modification- and physical structure-assisted droplet manipulation

  • Application of magnetic digital microfluidics in point-of-care diagnostics in low-resource settings

  • Application of magnetic digital microfluidics in molecular assays and functional cell assays

Paper-based Microfluidics

  • Paper-based diagnostics for rapid diagnostics in low-resource settings

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Nanosensing and Nanoprocessing

Nanosensing and Nanoprocessing

  • Quantum dot-based diagnostics and sensing

  • Other functional nanoparticles for biosensing


  • Flexible and stretchable nanomaterials

  • Hierarchical nanostructures induced by shrinking

  • Application of nanomaterials in biosample processing

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AI for Biosensing and Diagnostics

Cell identification with AI

Identify microorganisms to identify pathogens in drinking water using deep neural network.

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3D Printing and Bioprinting


Food Printing


Print appetizing fresh food for people with swallowing disorder.

4D Printing


Print and morph